Amaryllis Pascual

Primary Care Physician Miami

Dr. Amaryllis Pascual is boasts over ten years’ experience crafting effective, tailored plans focused on achieving dramatic weight loss results safely and fast. A graduate of the St. Louis University School of Medicine, Dr. Pascual completed her medical training at the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

The internationally renowned physician was featured on the popular TV show “Ritmo Dieta”, a reality TV show that showcased the power of a tailored program which combines nutrition, daily monitoring and exercise.

During the program, the participants lost an average of 100 pounds each in one season, thanks to her results-driven program and guidance.

When asked why her patients are able to lose weight and keep it off for life, Dr. Pascual attributes continuous patient monitoring and ongoing support as the two key components for losing weight and keeping it off. Armed with a passion for results, Dr. Pascual believes open communication, customized programs, and her personal touches can take patients from good results to unbelievable transformations.

Dr. Amaryllis Pascual Education:


  • St. Louis University School of Medicine.